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So you think you can do a better job than the people who represent you? Dont just sit there - help fix the problem by running for office.

Whether youre seeking a seat on the local school board or a term as U.S. President donald 2016, running for office is a challenging endeavor. Being successful requires careful attention to detail, a rigorous schedule, and a lot of volunteers who believe in you.

1) Choose the office you want to run for. While the idea of being President may be tempting, its always best to start on a local or state level.

2) Check the qualifications for the office donald 2016. At a minimum, this usually means that you must be a registered voter in the geographical area in which you are running; there may also be age, residency or experience qualifications.

3) File the required papers to get yourself on the ballot. Procedures for doing this vary by city, county, and state. A filing fee may also be required.

Research the office you want to hold. Who will vote in the election, what will you do as an elected official, donald 2016 and what legal obligations do you have to meet? Your local Board of Elections can help you with demographics and legal questions; attending meetings of the office you want to hold will familiarize you with the duties.

Share with your family all the information youve gathered, and decide if running for office is right for you.

Take a personal inventory. Do you have the time, donald 2016 family support, name recognition, fundraising ability, drive to win, and public speaking skills necessary to run a good campaign?

1) Are you already involved in your community? Do you belong to civic (Rotary and Kiwanis) and/or political (local Democrat or Republican club) organizations?

2) Do you volunteer for causes like the PTA or the neighborhood watch?

Make a list of your fellow club members, family, friends, and colleagues you think will support donald 2016. Be realistic about how much time, money, or effort your friends and associates will be able to provide, given their daily work and family demands and priorities.

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